Dont’t credit it. Earn it

The Story

Thorsten and Marcel started Oaks to create a category-defining savings platform that allows people to earn while saving up money for their favourite products. Backed by Atlantic Labs, the FinTech company is on a mission to turn spenders into savers: instead of fuelling mindless spending and buyer remorse, Oaks paves the way to mindful consumption by enabling shoppers to  “Save now, Pay later”.

Blossom partnered with the founding team from day one to design a shopping platform that is as rewarding as Oaks’ vision. We built a product experience that is centred around optimism and achievability and quite literally celebrates each and every savings milestone that a consumer reaches across their individual shopping journeys.


App Design

Save for premium products you really want and get rewarded with each milestone you reach.

Virtual Card

Designed for the next generation of shoppers and savers.


Shoppers can decide themselves how much and how frequently they like so save.

“Blossom helped us bring our product vision to life in a way that is extremely easy and joyful to use for our users. They really went above and beyond with a level of creativity that simply blew us away.”

Thorsten Kud, Co-Founder