IT as it should be.

The Story

Founded by Julian and Philipp and backed by Cherry Ventures, deeploi is on a mission to build Europe’s #1 IT OS to eliminate the working’s world IT-related inefficiencies, once and for all. Because when it comes to IT, most people think of pain rather than peace. This can’t be it. deeploi chose Blossom as their design partner to bring their vision to life.

Together with the founding team, we set out to create an entirely new IT experience—One that is extremely intuitive and satisfying to use. No hassle, all ease. The resulting interface empowers IT owners across businesses of all sizes to self-manage their IT needs, including device inventory, employee on- and offboarding, performance monitoring, and personalized IT support.



Fom tech inventory management to IT support, the product experience is infused with intuitive micro interactions.

Motion design

Tech bundles floating into place evoke a deep sense of calm and satisfaction.


We relied on reductive storytelling that let the product speak for itself.

“We wanted to create a digital experience that feels entirely different to traditional IT. Blossom helped translate a complex product idea into simple and beautifully intuitive user experience.”

Julian Lübke, Co-Founder