Climate tech in your hands.

The Story

Driven by the mission to tackle climate change at one of it’s root causes – energy inefficiency – enter is is well on it’s way to becoming Europe’s leading provider of energetic renovations. Founders Justus, Max, and Alex partnered with Blossom to create the design foundation for an incredibly user-friendly digital product that would position the business for its next phase of growth.

From the first paper sketch to final prototypes, through intense collaboration and a shared love for details, we translated enter’s successful service suite from a siloed and dispersed setup into a single digital product. The resulting experience allows homeowners to manage their energy costs and consumption, easily spot inefficiencies, and get personalized guidance to realize their savings potential.


Provide Questions

We relied on reductive storytelling that let the product speak for itself.

Intuitive Navigation

We designed an accessible navigation to easily switch between metrics.

Blossom proved to be the perfect partner in shaping our product design from inception towards Series A.

Justus Menten, Co-Founder