Health checks for everyone

Web Design
Motion Design
Founding Story

Founded by former EyeEm co-founder Florian Meissner and Ferdinand Schmidt-Thomé, Aware raised $15 million in seed funding to combat the emergence of chronic diseases. Their service is centered around making lab-based health tests accessible, readable, and actionable for an audience that likes to stay ahead of the curve. Using a data-driven approach, the long-term goal for Aware is to build Europe’s largest health database for personalised medicine.

Design Solution

In time for their launch and first lab opening, Aware needed a web identity that would resonate with their target audience and convey their mission of improving people’s health by taking control of their vitality data. We created a marketing website experience that resonated with their audience of active and curious individuals, incorporating micro-interactions symbolizing growth, transparency, and diversity.


A strong focus on intuitive information architecture, clear navigation, and dynamic content.

Body in Blue button down and a bandaid on the forearm

Motion design

Leveraging custom motion design artworks make the Aware lab experience tangible on the screen.

Micro Interactions

Designed for the next generation of health-forward individuals.

Man with a phone in his hand
Entrance of aware lab
Aware Logo mark
Reception of aware lab
Gallery of happy people